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Geothermal Energy

The successful implementation of geothermal projects requires a detailed site investigation in advance. Detailed data is often collected for this purpose.
So that this data can also be used to the full extent for project planning, its precise visualization is extremely important. A reservoir modeling with an exact facies analysis helps to minimize the discovery risk. The visualization of the data also serves as a basis for discussion for decisions. We visualize your geo-data for conventional or VR/AR technologies.


– Strukturgeologische Daten
– Schichtgrenzen
– Bohrungsdaten
– Faziesanalyse

analog modeling

– Photogrammetry
– Lidar

Project support

– project planning
– consultation

  • Construction of numerical 3D models

  • Sedimentological facies analysis

  • Uncertainty Analysis

Reservoir geology

Reservoir models are essential for the success of underground projects. With our know-how from industry and science, we cover the entire range of reservoir characterization – from geological data collection, analog modeling to detailed reservoir simulation.

Geological Storage

In Germany, geological storage of thermal energy is becoming increasingly important. Through such storage projects, energy that would otherwise go unused can help to cool residential complexes in summer and heat them in winter.

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