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VR/AR visualisation

Our geological models are developed to be compatible with Microsoft’s Hololens2 and Meta’s Oculus Quest 2, but can also be explored with tablet, smartphone or traditional screens. VR/AR technology enables 3D models to be viewed individually and immersively in a room or in a group. An independent exploration of the models makes it possible to face uncertainties and to playfully interact with a complex topic. Meeting in virtual space as an avatar and exploring and analyzing the geo-model together offers excellent opportunities to communicate optimally with one another from different locations.

  • Setting up a virtual data room

  • 3D geological model, seismic data, logging data

  • Various modeling tools applicable in VR

  • Presentation of the data in virtual space

3D design models

Scientific 3D models are difficult to understand for non-specialist audiences. Through 3D art design, inclusion of terrain models and infrastructure, we develop models adapted to the target audience. Spatial references are perceived intuitively, which facilitates understanding and promotes a willingness to invest.

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