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Reservoir geology

Development of static geological models based on underground data. We use all publicly accessible data or data that is made available by our customers.

Reservoir modelling

– Structural geological data
– layer boundaries
– well-logs
– facies analysis


– Parameterization of models
– Transfer to simulation software

Reservoir-analog modelling

– Photogrammetry
– Lidar


– Visualisation of 3D models using VR/AR technology

A detailed understanding of the geological underground is important in order to minimize the exploration risk of geothermal projects and to optimally plan a geological application. We create accurate 3D models as a basis for drill planning and uncertainty analyses.


The successful implementation of geothermal projects requires a detailed site investigation in advance. Detailed data is often collected for this purpose.

Geological storage

In Germany, geological storage of thermal energy is becoming increasingly important. Through such storage projects, energy that would otherwise go unused can help to cool residential complexes in summer and heat them in winter.

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